Who Am I

My Name Is Brian Sailes. I Am A Husband And A Father. Family Is Very Important To Me; I Aim To Be The Best Role Model For My Kids And The Best Husband I Can Be.

I Created A Podcast Where I Empower People To Challenge Their Mindset While Encouraging Them To Think For Themselves Without Using Emotions. After The Creations Of The Podcast, I Felt The Need To Create A Brand That Represents People That Share The Same Mindset And Hold Themselves To A Certain Standard Of Living. While Being A Host On My Podcast, I've Also Been A Guest On Other Podcasts. Limitless Possibilities Podcast, Our Given Purpose, Shaping Success, Hard Parking Podcast, Reaching While Teaching, Just To Name A Few.  

I Served In The Navy And The Army. I Am A Combat Veteran Of OEF/OIF. The Army Medically Retired Me In 2018. While Out I Struggled To Find My Way, After Many Inner Battles With Myself I Realized I Am Still A Warrior Just Not A Warrior For The Military. Looking Back On My Time In The Military, Those Values That Were Instilled In Me Were The Same Ones Instilled Into Me By My Parents.

Along with those Values, Nutrition and Wellness Played A Vital Role In Helping Build The Physical Warrior. Highly Motivated To Promote A Health Mindset While Encouraging Others To Build A Foundation For Their Quest To Have The Warriors Collection. Those Values And Mindset Gave Birth To Warriors Collection Brand LLC. I Believe That These Same Characteristics Are Important To Use In Every Day Of Your Life.