Just Train

I have seen many videos and been in many conversations where people are bashing those willing to take a stand for their God, Consitution, Freedom, and community, all because they don't have the most expensive gear or the right/best gear. Sometimes it's vets bashing other vets or even vets bashing regular good people who are waking up to what's happening in this country.
Why must you be this way? How can we come together if we're fighting over who has the most expensive kit and; who doesn't? While we are looking to point out what someone doesn't have, the enemy is training. If you know what the 2A stands for and why it is there, you wouldn't; waste time bashing each other over gear.
Let us review some history, shall we? Revolutionary War - We the People didn't have the best of the best. What we had was a strong will and desire to be free.
Vietnam- What else should I say
What about the OIF/OEF
We had the best of the best and lost many of our brothers and sisters. My point, gear is great to have. Who wouldn't want to have the top-notch gear? But what's the point if you don't train or know how too properly use it. We should be uniting, not fighting over price tags. Work together; we're all we have, it's us against them. Train Hard, Train Smart, Become an Asset

Warrior, out

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