Extending Our Hand

We have always wanted to help those in need. Weeks ago, I closed the door on an idea that I had geared to help those veterans and civilians who were struggling. Starting May 1, we will donate money to an organization doing what I've wanted to do. We will send money to them at the end of every month. We will gladly support the efforts of the Code of Vets until the end of time. 10% of each sale of our coffee outside of the subscription program will go to them. Later we will release a blend dedicated to helping many; in honor of our code.
You might be saying why, why close the door on it? Well, it's closed, not sealed as time goes on, and we continue to GROW. I will revisit that door. The goal is to help as many as we possibly can. While I'm not leading the charge, I can highlight an organization doing a great job helping those vets in need. We are selling coffee to help others in need. Make sure you check out the Warriors Coffee Collection. Please check out the Code of Vets and click the link below.





Photo Credit: Billy Pasco

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  • Christine H.

    We are many members fitly joined together. One plants, one waters, God gives the increase. It’s definitely important to know what part we are to do, and when. I encourage you to keep going because no matter what part you participate in, it will be fruitful. God bless you and thank you for your service. -CeeCee

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